NSCN Success Story: Alizeta

Read below to see how a positive attitude and working with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach helped Alizeta land a new position!

Alizeta found out about NSCN through a job search group and became a member. “NSCN was a tremendous help. I used several online tools for resume writing, networking, interviewing and using LinkedIn. The webinars were all great, and the orientation webinar was timesaving in terms of where to find the tools. Online tools like Vault help in researching and selecting organizations; Big Interview helped with interviewing skills. Using the premium Jobscan tool was also helpful.” 

After 36 months of being unemployed, Alizeta reports that the most challenging part of her job search was “Staying focused and motivated…then getting interviews but not landing.” One strategy Alizeta used to keep her spirits up was joining NSCN’s Resilience Group:
“Belonging to the Resilience Group helped with my motivation and provided additional support from the others of the group who are going through the same hard job search time as me.”

In addition, Alizeta attended NSCN Job Fairs. "I made several contacts and several good friends during the Job Fair. I believe a combination of all this changed my job search attitude which helped me land this job.”
Alizeta worked with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach, and she shares that “personalities and background do help in being successful. My first career coach was not a great fit. My relationship with my second career coach was a success. She was very encouraging without pushing. Most of all she was always available to send me additional resources about my job search. I stayed in touch as my coach is now a friend.” NSCN Volunteer Career Coach Lorna credits Alizeta’s success to her “determination, perseverance, and consistently positive attitude.”

To find her current post, Alizeta maintained good communication with a recruiter who continued to send her job openings that fit her skills until she finally landed. “After each interview I will send a thank you letter, and after each rejection I will also send a thank you stressing I value the relationship.”

Unlike most of NSCN job seekers who report new positions in New Jersey, Alizeta landed a job as a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with Peace Corps Guinea for one year.  This post draws on Alizeta’s previous work in international development. Prior to the Peace Corps, she was a Global Development Project Manager in international / humanitarian projects. She moved overseas in early February.

Program Director Maria Heidkamp added her thoughts on Alizeta’s success. “She has been determined, gracious, positive, and always, for me, a joy to meet up with. She made great use of NSCN resources—coaching, webinars, online tools, accountability groups, job fairs, reaching out to me and Michele, and more.  We are so excited for her new adventure!”
As Alizeta returns to work, she offers this advice to other individuals who are searching for a job: “I would say first take advantage of ALL resources offered by NSCN as they are high quality and free. I’ll also say to be resilient—meaning try different options like job boards, networking, online through LinkedIn company websites and track your job search activities daily, which will show if you’re looking for a job full time or part time. Take small opportunities that may lead to good opportunities. For me a 3-month gig overseas gave me exposure to this opportunity, and I’m hoping this opportunity will give me exposure to more opportunities.”

“Volunteering in an organization to keep up skills or learn new ones like I did improved my confidence through public speaking, training, and coaching skills. Most importantly during the whole process, always be pleasant and positive. I always went to events and met new people with a smile and when I really did not feel like I could be pleasant, I would stay home or take care of myself with regular workouts in the gym or doing something I really enjoy or go to a good restaurant.”

Alizeta has previously shared some insights with NSCN members about setting up a Self-Directed Job Search Accountability Group.