NSCN Success Story: JoAnne

Taking advantage of NSCN resources such as webinars, job fairs, online tools and working with a volunteer career coach helped JoAnne find a new career opportunity.

While conducting research for her job search, JoAnne came across information regarding the New Start Career Network (NSCN) and became an NSCN member.

JoAnne stated, “I took advantage of many of the things NSCN offers, including webinars, job fairs, and online tools like Optimal Resume and the Mastermind group.”  (For more information on Optimal Resume and Mastermind groups, please see below.)

JoAnne also requested to work with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach and was assigned to work with coach John. She shared, “I really appreciate all the help John provided! He was great in encouraging me to network. I knew I needed to network, I was just so uncomfortable with it. With the small group he led, we practiced and held each other accountable. He helped me out when I had a networking call that I wasn’t sure how to manage, and he introduced me to someone in the nonprofit world so that I could talk about opportunities there.”  

Career coach John shared the following about his work with JoAnne: “I was honored to have JoAnne join my group coaching cohort. JoAnne is an introvert. As a result, much of what we discussed relative to networking with others, meeting new people at networking events, and following up with them after the event was going to be challenging for her. What I admired most about JoAnne was her ‘I can do this’ attitude, and her willingness to move out of her comfort zone and embrace the multiple components of the job search process.  JoAnne diligently applied what she learned from her group coaching experience and landed a job! I wish to acknowledge her for all her hard work, persistence, and her willingness to move beyond her comfort zone.“

JoAnne was unemployed for 21 months and admit that the most challenging part of her job search was focus. “I wavered on what I wanted to do,” she shared. “I liked the work I had been doing, but wanted to try something else, I just wasn’t sure what.”

JoAnne recently landed a job as a consultant for a multinational financial services firm. “This is a marketing planning role, and I will be responsible for planning and prioritizing mail/email campaigns for the credit card unit. Along with that, I will build some new processes to make the role more efficient.” Her new job is in the same occupation and same industry as she worked in previously.  “The position is very much like my last position, a little scarily so. While I was fine getting back into the financial services industry, I was hoping to find something at a nonprofit. Maybe my next role will be in a new area.”

JoAnne shared, “A personal contact I met through a job support group introduced me to the recruiting agency with the position. I took advantage of all the job search tools I could, like a strong LinkedIn profile, resume, interviewing practice, etc., which helped me land the job.”

As JoAnne returns to work, she offers this advice to other individuals who are searching for work: “Be aware and take advantage of the support and services offered. Even if the value isn’t immediately obvious (like with job fairs), you just never know where or through whom you’ll find your next opportunity.”

Optimal Resume is an online tool that NSCN provides free for members who want to work on different versions of their resumes; it also offers mock interview practice. You can find it under Career Tools after you log into your account. Click here for a webinar entitled “Getting the Most from Optimal Resume with Jeff Lewis.”

A Mastermind group is a small group of highly motivated people who work together and support each other in achieving their goals. NSCN has helped launch several Mastermind groups for members and will post information in the Tip of the Week and on the website about upcoming opportunities. Or you can start your own Mastermind group and follow the guidelines outlined here.

Here is a link  where you can stay up-to-date with upcoming NSCN webinars and find recordings of any past webinars that you may have missed. Please click here to join the NSCN Facebook Group.