NSCN Member Success Story: Michael

Learn how working with an NSCN Volunteer Career Coach and other NSCN resources helped Michael land a new position!

Michael’s job history includes running the purchasing department for the construction of new stores around the globe for a large retailer.   After hearing about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) through his wife, Michael became an NSCN member. He found that NSCN’s Tip of the Week “offered useful tips that I incorporated into my job hunt, and showed me that I wasn’t alone as an older jobseeker. Coach Tom was just that, a coach, and an ear to hear the good and the bad throughout our time together.”

Michael was unemployed for 16 months, but admits he spent only 6 months job hunting full-time. He shares that the most challenging part of his job search was “explaining why I had only been at my most recent job for six months (the owner decided that my newly created position Director of Purchasing was no longer needed, after I hired, trained, and supervised a Purchasing Agent who reported to me). Also, navigating the emotional ups and downs of waiting for responses, preparing for interviews, and corresponding back and forth with recruiters and human resource officers.”

With regard to his NSCN Volunteer Career Coach, Michael shared “Coach Tom became a friend after just the first couple of meetings. He helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, and worked with me through my interview preparation, resume edits, and eventual negotiation process after I was offered the job. He was a supporter, tough critic, and confidant, all at the same time.”

Michael’s new job is as the Director of Purchasing for a modular residential and commercial builder in Philadelphia. He states that, “This job is in the same industry, construction, that I’ve worked in for 20+ years. I was well positioned to find a job in construction now, given the great deal of construction activity happening in and around the city of Philadelphia.” When asked what strategies or tools helped him to get this job Michael states, “I showed the owner that I was eager to learn about the opportunity by spending many hours on the phone in conversations with various people at the company, and I did not hesitate when asked to participate in an overnight interview with a trip to the company’s factory.”

As Michael returns to work, he offers this advice to other NSCN members who are searching for work: “Be ready to put the time in. Be honest with yourself about what areas you need to work on, such as interviewing or your resume, and do it! If you want the job, show your interest, and find ways to make parallels between what the company is looking for and what you can offer. If you have a coach, make the best use of the time you have with him or her.”