NSCN Success Story: Mari

How persistence, faith, and assistance from the New Start Career Network helped Mari on her journey to reemployment.

When Mari heard about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) from a former colleague, she had experienced multiple layoffs within a five-year period. She had been searching for a job for 14 months and found the process to be extremely frustrating. She decided to join NSCN to see if it could assist her in her journey to find employment. 

Mari worked with an NSCN volunteer career coach, who helped her fine-tune her cover letter and résumé and offered her support throughout the job search process. Her coach offered insight about their interactions, as well as how job seekers can help their coaches, “Mari had a few things going for her that I think made her successful in her job search,” explained her volunteer career coach. “She would ‘push back’ on me as her coach, letting me know when I wasn’t providing the kind of support she needed at that time. When you’re working with a coach, giving feedback about what is/isn’t working for you is really important so that we as coaches can try to better tailor our approach.”

Mari regularly checked postings on job sites, kept her LinkedIn profile active, and received valuable personal support from her volunteer career coach. Mari reported that she relied heavily on Indeed and occasionally CareerBuilder; she noted that relying on personal contacts and job fairs were not part of her strategy. Being a spiritual person, Mari credits her faith with playing an important role in her efforts to endure the stress of unemployment, and to guide her in her quest for a new job. Mari also enrolled in a five-month refresher course in Microsoft Office through the One-Stop Career Center, which enabled her to extend her unemployment benefits.  

After being out of work for a year, Mari obtained a position as an executive assistant to the president of a commercial HVAC company as a result of her tireless efforts, faith, and the support of NSCN. The company offered her a competitive salary, but she insisted upon accepting a lower salary to start out with given that the industry is new for her. In Mari’s case, she reported that her age proved to be a benefit to her getting the job. Her supervisor told her that he appreciated her maturity, life skills, and experience.

Mari is grateful to her volunteer career coach for her care, patience, and time during this period of personal growth. In addition, she felt that her faith was what worked best for her in her job search. Mari’s advice to job seekers who are feeling overwhelmed is to “never give up, even when you feel you have no more energy. Center yourself and evaluate yourself, your goals, and what you want.”