NSCN Success Story: Nancy

How working with her career coach led to a new employment opportunity for Nancy

Nancy had been feeling the effects of unemployment for a year before finding a new position with the help and encouragement of the New Start Career Network (NSCN). She learned about NSCN through someone she volunteers with, decided to join, and was connected with a career coach. Nancy’s coach offered her a new way to look at things from a different perspective and some great ideas on how to approach new situations in the job market. The coach shared that “Nancy was a pleasure to coach! We connected right from the start and she was willing to put in a lot of hard work.” Together, they outlined Nancy’s professional goals and created and executed a plan that ultimately led Nancy back into a consultant role.

In addition, Nancy utilized online tools, networked with personal contacts, and attended job fairs to help her find a new job. As Lynda shares, “During the time that Nancy was unemployed, she enhanced her skill set by volunteering at Students 2 Science as a mentor and assistant lab instructor.” Nancy believes her volunteering and the completion of her quality auditor certification helped her find employment.

Now, Nancy has a consulting position in a new division at her former biotechnology employer. Her knowledge of the industry and the company’s programs combined with her writing, regulatory knowledge, and industry experience, all make her a valuable asset to the company. Her advice to NSCN members who are looking for jobs is to “be patient and keep yourself busy.” Nancy found that keeping active is what saved her from getting depressed while searching for employment.