NSCN Success Story: Paul

Paul secured a new job through his persistence and flexibility, and with help from his NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.

Paul had been a Project Manager in the telecommunications industry when he lost his job. He was unemployed for 12 months before landing a new position with a small-sized consulting/technology company in Pittsburgh, PA. His new job, which he learned about via a notification from a job board, has him consulting in the healthcare industry.
Paul learned about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) while conducting an Internet search for resources to help him during his time of unemployment. He joined NSCN and soon applied to work with a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach.
My career coach was instrumental in helping me sell my skills to potential employers,” Paul explains. “He also coached me to better prepare for interviews.”
Paul’s coach Vince says that Paul worked hard in targeting his skills to the job market. He never gave up and was willing to relocate for new employment.
Paul shares that one of the most challenging aspects of his job search was fine-tuning his résumé for the markets he was targeting. However, he states, his career coach provided him with excellent help in this regard.
Paul does have advice for job seekers: “Don’t give up! Work diligently with your career coach.” He also suggests that job seekers who are struggling to find work in New York and New Jersey should consider searching out of the area if possible.