NSCN Success Story: Q & A with Derek

Learn how working with NSCN Volunteer Career Coach Robin Moriates, and other NSCN resources including Jobscan, helped Derek land a new position.

What is your new job?
My new role is as an IT Project Manager for SHI International.
Is this new job in a different occupation or industry for you?  If so, how did you position yourself to make the change?  
This role is somewhat different, my last role was more (Business Continuation/IT Purchasing/Projects) compared to my current role as a Project Manager/Scrum Master. This position is in a different industry. I was able to use my prior experience and having a PMP certification was helpful.
What type of career/job did you have before you were unemployed?
Business Continuation/IT Purchasing/Projects
How long were you unemployed before finding a new job?
1 year and 7 days
What was most challenging about your job search? 
The number of rejections received or the no callbacks. I believe staying positive and being part of the NSCN family and using their resources helped me during this job search. 
What strategies or tools helped you get this job (online tools, personal contacts, job fairs, etc.) 
I took advantage of the resources that NSCN offered: Jobscan and support webinars. The online tool I’d used: LinkedIn, Indeed, PMI network. I did reach out to my contacts and attended a few job fairs.
In what ways did NSCN assist you in your job search?
Jobscan software and supporting webinars that NSCN offers.
How did working with an NSCN Career Coach help you professionally and/or personally?
By giving me a different perspective regarding interviewing and Zoom techniques.
What advice would you give to other NSCN members?
I would say to stay relevant in your field and take advantage of the training programs the NJ Dept. of Labor offers. If you have an opportunity to get your certification in your field, do it. My certification helped me get interviews and get an offer for my current position. Find your weaknesses, work on them and continue to educate yourself.

If you are interested in signing up for a Jobscan account please email Michele Martin at [email protected].