NSCN Success Story: Q & A with Jon

Learn how networking and a free, Premium Jobscan Account provided by NSCN helped Jon land a new position!

Please click here for more information about Jobscan. If you are an NSCN member and are interested in a free, Premium Jobscan account please contact Michele Martin at [email protected].

NSCN Success Story: Q & A with Jon
What is your new job? 
Technical Product Manager with a start-up company that provides customized hardware and software security solutions for the maritime industry.
Is this new job in a different occupation or industry for you?  If so, how did you position yourself to make the change?  
What type of career/job did you have before you were unemployed?
Director of Partner & Account Management, but it was also at a small company that leveraged a number of skills and experience I have (I had a broad array of responsibility).
How long were you unemployed before finding a new job?
51 Weeks.
What was most challenging about your job search? 
Age, Salary/Pay, Technology Focused, COVID Pandemic 
What strategies or tools helped you get this job (online tools, personal contacts, job fairs, etc.)?
Networking (Mine your network and keep at it).  Jobscan (Provided thru NSCN).  It’s an invaluable tool that I used to customize every resume I sent out.  If you are not applying for a job where you have some known contact, you need to get thru the initial hurdle of any job screening software and Jobscan is excellent for that.  It also presents your qualifications highly tailored to the position you are applying.
How did you learn about the New Start Career Network (NSCN)?
A friend of mine told me about it in his 9-month search for a new job.
In what ways did NSCN assist you in your job search?
Tools (Job Scan particularly), insight and support.  NSCN is a very well organized, resourceful and helpful network providing what you need and want to take advantage of in a job search.
How did working with a NSCN Career Coach help you professionally and/or personally?
I did not use a career coach.
What advice would you give to other NSCN members?
Leverage what you want and need, but be sure to take advantage of the organization.