NSCN Success Story: Sergio

Learn how social media and networking helped Sergio find new employment.

Sergio was a Launch Manager/Marketing Specialist at an affiliate marketing company when he found himself unemployed and looking for work. After learning about the New Start Career Network (NSCN) from a political advertisement, Sergio joined NSCN and began utilizing its service, including career coaching.
Sergio was unemployed for seven months. He shares that one of the most challenging aspects of his job search was the constant rejection from employers, and employers’ unwillingness to take a chance on job candidates “that didn’t have the exact skills or experience that they listed, regardless of whether the person had transferable skills that would allow them to learn the job anyway.” He shares that leveraging LinkedIn and networking with recruiters and colleagues were instrumental in him finding employment as a Customer Success Manager at an affiliate tracking company.
He credits his NSCN Volunteer Career Coach as being extremely helpful in helping him move ahead with his job search. Sergio shares, “My mentor gave me perspectives I could not see and advice I did not know about, so that I was able to be more rounded in my approach and attractive to potential recruiters and employers.”
As Sergio returns to work, he has some advice for others who are searching for employment: “Let everyone know you are looking, keep looking, and build up your résumé, profiles, and online presence.”