Note from a NSCN Volunteer Coach

A NSCN Volunteer Career Coach wrote the following note after hearing one of the NSCN Job Seekers he had been working with landed a job! Read the letter about the importance of keeping in touch with friends and connections who helped you here.

After hearing that one of the job seekers he had been working with landed a job, a NSCN Volunteer Career Coach sent the following note:
Congratulations, and I wish you much success in your new job. This is such great news and you will have to tell me about it. 

Now, for the hard lessons learned:

Remember your friends and connections. Stay in touch with those people you met along the way that helped you with referrals and ideas and support. If some are still unemployed pass along any leads that come your way. Give them your support and don't forget them. They need an arm to hold them too. 

Remember to keep your network alive with regular calls to your professional contacts. We tend to start a new job and forget our friends and contacts. You have worked hard to develop this network and it will be a shame to lose them. Besides, these are people who can help you in your new job with ideas, solutions to problems and questions, or to simply think out issues. Find a schedule that works for you, perhaps 2-3 calls to contacts per week for 5-15 minutes apiece and work through the list, and then start again. Add new people as they come along. 

And, if you choose to move on to a different job at some point in the future these folks will be there to give you a jump start in searching opportunities. 

It was a pleasure assisting you in your job search. I hope that you found our sessions helpful and worth the time and energy. The New Start Career Network exists to provide support to job/career seekers like you and we are thrilled to be a part of your success. 

All my best and stay in touch.