About our Volunteers

To provide assistance to our members, NSCN is recruiting volunteers to serve as career coaches.

shutterstock_297303311.jpgThese volunteers typically have backgrounds in human resources, recruiting, workforce development, career counseling, or mental health counseling. Several are bilingual. Some have come to us through Rutgers University Alumni Associations, others through the Garden State Council of the Society for Human Resources Management (GSC-SHRM) or a local SHRM chapter. Some are volunteers with United Way, Goodwill, or a faith-based employment ministry or job club. They live in North, Central, and South Jersey, with a few from New York and Philadelphia.
VolGen_BW-(1).pngMost of our Volunteer Career Coaches have had experience with long-term unemployed job seekers as clients, friends, relatives, or co-workers. Others have dealt with job loss themselves. All have attended NSCN’s Volunteer Career Coach orientation and training session.
They are committed to working with our members on their job search. We hope you will join them in helping our members.

NSCN thanks the New Jersey Volunteer Generation Fund for its support expanding its volunteer career coach program.